How Can I Get Really Tough Road Grime & Salt Off of My Aluminum Wheels?

Answer Road crews deposit salt on highways to melt snow during the winter months. The salt, along with roadway grime, accumulates on aluminum wheels, dulling the polish and shine of the rims. The wheel ri... Read More »

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How to Remove Road Tar From Aluminum Wheels?

Your nice shiny new car has gotten road tar on the aluminum wheels and those black spots stand out like a semi-truck at a Mini Cooper convention. What can you do? Well, with the proper cleaners and... Read More »

How to Remove Windshield Road Grime?

It's easy for windshields to attract and hold onto whatever the road has to throw at them, especially during the winter. It doesn't take long for grime to adhere and cause an unsightly mess that no... Read More »

The Benefits of Aluminum Wheels Over Wire Spoke Wheels on a Motorcycle?

To novice motorcyclists, the choice between aluminum wheels and wire-spoke wheels may seem inconsequential. Experienced riders, however, will know the difference aluminum wheels make in both perfor... Read More »

How to Buy Road Wheels?

If you want your car to look different than the factory model, one of the quickest things you can do is to replace the factory-supplied road wheels with aftermarket wheels.