How Can I Get Notepad if I Have StickyPad on My Laptop?

Answer StickyPad, a Windows application, offers to ability to add virtual sticky notes to your desktop. These sticky notes act as reminders and note cards, sitting on your desktop where you cannot ignore ... Read More »

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What is the difference between a laptop and a notepad?

Notepads are generally very small, low-scale and have hardly any memory, few programs and normally have windows XP.Laptops are basically a computer in a sense, the large-scale of a notepad, plenty ... Read More »

I have an FX p-7805u laptop and a Dell E11511FP PC monitor that I am trying to connect to my laptop.?

Using the normal laptop display with the external disconnected go to the Gateway driver page and either download the the video driver and install it again to reset it.Once you have re installed the... Read More »

I have 750 harddrive if i install 150 pc games on my laptop can it affect the laptop?

Laptop Owners: Have you ever caught yourself taking your laptop with you to the bathroom when you need to go?

dude, that is what wireless networks are made for.