How Can I Get Notepad if I Have StickyPad on My Laptop?

Answer StickyPad, a Windows application, offers to ability to add virtual sticky notes to your desktop. These sticky notes act as reminders and note cards, sitting on your desktop where you cannot ignore ... Read More »

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What is the difference between a laptop and a notepad?

Notepads are generally very small, low-scale and have hardly any memory, few programs and normally have windows XP.Laptops are basically a computer in a sense, the large-scale of a notepad, plenty ... Read More »

How to Keep a Notepad?

Have you ever bought a notebook, used it for three days then thrown it away, disgusted by how much money you wasted? Yes? Then this is the article for you. This will teach you how to buy and keep a... Read More »

How to Reinstall Notepad?

Notepad is the default text editor that comes prepackaged with Windows based computers. Users can open and edit text documents with Notepad. If the Notepad application becomes corrupt, fails to ope... Read More »

How to Execute Notepad?

Learn how to run notepad the easy and fast way.