How Can I Get My New Puppy to Stop Crying Each Time I Leave the Room?

Answer It's nice to be loved, but when your new puppy loves you so much it cries every time you leave the room, it can wear thin. A puppy's whining at being left alone is a sign of separation anxiety, whi... Read More »

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How to Train or Help a Puppy Stop Crying when Locked up or Outside?

Sometimes dog owners simply cannot have their dog inside or free to roam the house, but a crying dog will only frustrate you and your neighbors. Dogs love to be with their owners and separation anx... Read More »

How to Get a Friend to Stop Crying All the Time?

No one likes to see a friend like this all the timeNobody likes to see their friend crying, some people have to deal with seeing their friend crying all the time, this may be emotional for them (as... Read More »

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What if your friend's dog was hit by a car and he was crying throughout the school day How can you comfort him PS he does not want another puppy?

Well first of all, take him to a vet. Even if you don't think something is wrong with him, you should take him anyway. Also, try playing with him lightly, and feed him healthy treats now and then. ... Read More »