How Can I Get My Native American Card?

Answer For Native Americans in the United States, having a Native American card entitles you to benefits. These benefits range from financial and legal resources to family and health-related benefits esta... Read More »

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How to Look Native American?

Native Americans are some of the most exotic, beautiful people in this world. Whether you are part Native American, striving to look more "native", or just enjoy the beauty of the native people, he... Read More »

What is Native American art?

In so many ways, everything the Native Americans made--for daily life, war, or spiritual ceremonies--is considered art. Native Americans, also called American Indians, created art with origins in t... Read More »

DIY Native American Bow Quiver?

Native Americans used leather extensively in the manufacture of their tools for carrying items. This makes recreating those tools for today's use easy as long as you know how to do it. A Native Ame... Read More »

Uses for Native American Masks?

In the 21st century, Americans can find a wealth of cultural materials that speak to the artistic sophistication of Native American peoples. Perhaps none of these materials reflect as profoundly th... Read More »