How Can I Get My Memory Card to Work in My Pantech Impact?

Answer Before you can use your memory card in your Pantech Impact, you have to insert the card and format it. The Pantech Impact has a full QWERTY keyboard, and a numeric keypad on the outside of the flip... Read More »

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How to Have Two Different Alert Sounds for Your Texting & Voicemail on the Pantech Impact?

When text message and voicemail tones sound the same, you can't tell what type of message is coming in without looking at your phone. To resolve this, makers of the Pantech Impact included a differ... Read More »

How to Install a Driver in My Pantech Impact P7000 Phone?

It is important to install the right drivers for your Pantech Impact phone. These drivers update your phone's firmware, fix software glitches and remove any viruses involved. This also helps your p... Read More »

Should you spend the extra money for a high speed SD memory card for a Canon A560 camera or will a slower card work just as well?

Answer Slower speed SD cards will also work in the camera but performance of camera will be slower when compared to using a higher speed SD card. When the picture is taken, picture data is tempor... Read More »

My memory card automatically erased images on memory card! How will i get it And i want memory card recovery?

Give this a try - As long as you haven't ntook any more pictures , you stand a good chance in recovering everything. I've just done a recover with this - Copy and Paste it. - Read More »