How Can I Get My Butt Round & Plump Again?

Answer If you've been slacking on your workout regimen, you may have noticed your body is softening and jiggling in ways you don't quite like. Being proud of your firm, round bottom doesn't have to be an ... Read More »

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How can I get a nice, big, round, hot , in shape butt?

The derrière has two major components and they are fat and muscle. If you feel yours is not large enough and want to make it bigger, you have two ways of doing that; increase the muscle size and ... Read More »

I have a nice size butt, it is thick and round. However, I want to get it a bit bigger. Any suggestions?

wow you sound nice but you have to go do butt flexes to work it out

Whats your all time favourite movie y'know the one you could watch again and again and again...?

(For guys mostly) do you like women to have a nice toned butt, or a fat butt?

I nice toned butt all the way. I'll take that butt over a bigger butt that is not well toned.