How Can I Get Likes For A Facebook Page?

Answer Most common way of getting more facebbok page likes is that post images in your page and tags pictures of all your friends.

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How do i get more likes on my facebook page?

You need to have more friends. I have around 500 friends on it yet I get minimum likes. It's all about the makeup on there, if you don't have it, you don't get no likes. That's why I use an app cal... Read More »

How to Get 10,000 Likes for a Page in Facebook?

To get 10,000 Likes on Facebook is pointless if you cannot make most your members participate in your conversations. And the best answer about how to increase your Facebook friends is to give them ... Read More »

How to get more likes of facebook page?

Create A Blog About Your Page [ If you don't have one]# Add Facebook like widget to your blog.# Creating good posts attracts viewers to your blog.# Promote Your Page [If you have good budget]Don't ... Read More »

How to get more likes for my facebook page?

tell famous facebook pages to share you btw im going to like your page :) name jackie garcia