How Can I Get Free Health Coverage for My Child?

Answer Just about everyone agrees that it is vital for all children in the U.S. to have health care coverage. For low-income families, free health coverage for children is a necessary measure to ensure th... Read More »

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How to Get Health Coverage for a Minor Child in Kentucky?

In the state of Kentucky, many children who do not have coverage from their parents' health care plans have options for state-funded health coverage. The Kentucky Children's Health Insurance Progra... Read More »

Where do you get free mental health care coverage in Florida?

xs5 I have got free mental health care coverage in Florida via online Internet websites Addiction Recovery FloridaI am in need of mental health care I no longer have any type of insurance and I a... Read More »

I had forgotten to claim a prior health issue as a prexisting health issue will I now never be able to get coverage for it under my current policy Could I even be cancelled out and lose my coverage?

I'm not an ''expert' on health insurance, but do know that any 'misleading' info on any insurance application can cause great problems. It is called Misrepresentation and can get claims denied and ... Read More »

Who has primary insurance coverage for a dependent child when both parents have coverage?

The parent who was born first in the year. In other words if the mom was born in June and the father was born in July, then the primary insurance would be covered by the mother.This also applies to... Read More »