How Can I Fix My Eyebrows. please be specific ?

Answer Dont listen to rude comments. Get them professionally done and tell them the shape you want to achieve. I doubt it's too expensive take a photo of the kind of look you want so they don't go wrong. ... Read More »

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I'm a guy and my eyebrows got messed up cuz my lil brother scratched me. Please tel me how to fix it.?

simply pluck the other one to make it more even. :B

What AV receiver should I get Please provide specific models?

As graceful as it is advanced, the Pioneer VSX921K delivers awesome home theater performance at a surprising value. With connectivity options for all your in style high-definition home theater comp... Read More »

What is Wi fi please be specific and write in full detail with example...?

I wanted to answer your question about the UGI that you had. X-rays are harmful to the body they do damage as they penetrate your body. We as medical persons know this but we feel the risk is wort... Read More »

O.K Please Help People Who Already Did This, i need to download things from youtube any site i can specific p?

push the following link http:/vixy.netcopy the link from youtube and paste it in this site