How Can I Convert a Number into a Percentage?

Answer Percentages are used in everyday life, such as figuring the amount of sales tax on a purchase or determining the number of correct answers on an exam. The word percent means "per 100." For example,... Read More »

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How to Convert a Number to a Percentage?

Converting a number to a percentage is an important part of daily life, whether you are looking to work out a test score, repayment plan or even how much you need to pay in tax. Whatever the reason... Read More »

How to Convert a Percentage into a 4.0 Grade Point Average?

It can be confusing to try and convert a grade in the form of a percentage into its equivalent GPA. Here is a simple method to clarify how a percentage may be accurately converted into a GPA, grade... Read More »

How to Turn a Number Into a Percentage?

What does it mean to say you made 85 percent of the 40 basketball free throws you shot? Percentages indicate how large or small one number is in relation to another. They do this by expressing a nu... Read More »

How to Convert a Number Into a Fraction?

Working with whole and decimal numbers is fine in many everyday situations, but there are a few cases where you need to use fractions. For instance, many recipes call for amounts in terms of fracti... Read More »