How Can I Contact Nordstrom?

Answer Whether you want to call in to let corporate know about an especially helpful retail associate, or you have a complaint against store policy, calling the Nordstrom owners can be done easily when yo... Read More »

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Who is the CEO of Nordstrom?

Blake W. Nordstrom is the top executive for Nordstrom, a department store chain headquartered in Seattle, Washington. His actual title is president, however, as no one has held the official title o... Read More »

Question about Nordstrom?

I have never done this and paid with cash, but I do this all the time with credit cards. Just go in, tell them the name of the shoe you want and they can order it for you and have it shipped to th... Read More »

In what part of Washington was Nordstrom founded?

Nordstrom was founded in downtown Seattle in 1901, according to the retailer's Web site. It was originally named Wallin & Nordstrom, after its founders, Carl Wallin and John W. Nordstrom. In 1928, ... Read More »

What is the average wage when you work for Nordstrom?

According to The PayScale Report as of June 2010, employees at Nordstrom start with a median salary of $9.88 an hour. Those with one to four years of experience get $12.07, while those with five to... Read More »