How Can I Clean Paintballs Off My Car?

Answer Whether you were a victim of vandalism or you were just unfortunate enough to park your car too close to the game, paintball splatters on a car can cause some major stress. Many paintballs are oil-... Read More »

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How do I clean up paintballs?

ClothingWipe the splattered paint from a paintball off clothing with a damp cloth. Place the clothing in a washing machine and wash according to the directions on the clothing. Paintballs are desi... Read More »

Do paintballs go bad?

Paintballs will generally stay good as long as they are in the sealed package they are bought in. Once the seal is broken, a paintball will start to go bad within 6 to 8 hours. When a paintball goe... Read More »

Are paintballs washable?

The paint inside paintball pellets, made from gelatin and food coloring, is both washable and biodegradable. Any paint left on clothes after a paintball game should be washed quickly to prevent the... Read More »

Are all paintballs biodegradable?

Paintballs are all made of entirely biodegradable materials, according to They are non-toxic and non-staining, as well. Paint residue will wash out in the laundry. Ingredients inc... Read More »