How Can I Check the Master Cylinder on the Clutch?

Answer The manual transmission depends upon the application of the clutch pedal, which activates the throw-out bearing to engage the clutch plates with the flywheel. Some clutches come equipped with a man... Read More »

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How to Know If You Have a Bad Clutch Master Cylinder?

A clutch master cylinder is used in vehicles with manual transmissions to pressurize the hydraulic fluid that presses and releases the clutch. When this component goes bad, it can make for some ver... Read More »

Clutch Master Cylinder Problems?

Clutch master cylinders form the first link between the engagement pedal and hydraulic clutch mechanism. Though these units are both simple and robust, even the best of them can fail over time thr... Read More »

Clutch & Master Cylinder Repair?

All automobiles have a transmission for getting power from the engine to the wheels. With standard transmissions, the car has a clutch pedal attached to a master cylinder. This produces hydraulic p... Read More »

How to Fix a Master Clutch Cylinder for a Civic?

The clutch master cylinder is the part of the clutch hydraulic system that creates the pressure that is then used by the slave cylinder to do the actual work of disengaging and engaging the clutch.... Read More »