How Can I Apply for Federal OASDI Disability?

Answer In the United States, the Social Security Administration oversees the Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) program, which is usually simply referred to as Social Security. The disab... Read More »

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Old age and disability insurance program- OASDI?

Is Fed OASDI/EE part of total federal withholding?

The Fed OASDI/EE is the Federal Old Age Survivors Disability Insurance Tax. This tax is part of the total federal withholding that is taken out of a standard wage earner's paycheck.References:RollA... Read More »

Are Medicare& OASDI included when calculating the total federal income tax withheld?

Medicare and OASDI (old age, survivors and disability, also known as Social Security) taxes are calculated separately from federal income tax withholding. They do not decrease the amount of income ... Read More »

Do you need to turn in disability from a disability insurance on your federal taxes?

The answer depends upon how you paid the premium. If you paid the premium entirely yourself using after tax dollars, the benefit is completely tax free. If you paid through pre-tax payroll deduct... Read More »