How Can Classical Conditioning Be Used in the Classroom?

Answer Learning how to use classical conditioning within a classroom scenario can help students learn more desirable behavior by pairing the behavior with a positive stimulus. Ivan Pavlov developed classi... Read More »

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What Is the Primary Concept of Classical Conditioning?

There are two very general forms of conditioning in psychology. Classical conditioning needs to be distinguished from operant conditioning. Once this distinction is made, then the primary component... Read More »

The Similarities of Operant and Classical Conditioning?

Operant and classical conditioning are psychological techniques used by psychologists, therapists, counselors and social workers to help clients overcome psychological problems and issues. Though o... Read More »

The Three Phases of the Classical Conditioning Paradigm?

In 1927, psychologist Ivan Pavlov made a discovery regarding the mind's ability to learn information through associating connections between things that are separate but related. Pavlov's experimen... Read More »

What Behaviors Can Be Learned Through Classical Conditioning?

Classical conditioning refers to the type of learning that occurs when a natural reaction to a stimulus is developed in response to another stimulus that is paired with the first one. It is also kn... Read More »