How Can Acid Rain Harm Plants & Animals?

Answer Fossil fuel emissions harm plants and animals when they mix with precipitation and fall to earth as sulfuric and nitric acid. This contamination of soil, bodies of water and foliage, causes both di... Read More »

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Plants & Animals Endangered by Acid Rain?

Acid rain is the result of a chemical reaction that happens between atmospheric water vapor, sulfur and carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides. These chemicals are released when volcanoes erupt, but si... Read More »

Can salicylic acid harm plants?

Quite the opposite, actually. External usage of salicylic acid on plants has shown to be extremely beneficial to its growth and photosynthesis. Furthermore, salicylic acid occurs internally in plan... Read More »

What is acid rain's effect on aquatic plants?

Acid rain contains higher-than-normal levels of nitric and sulfuric acids. Human pollution contributes to this environmental problem and affects both terrestrial and aquatic animals and plants.Acid... Read More »

African Rain Forest Animals and Plants?

The rain forest of central Africa and Congo basin is a large area of diverse tropical animal and plant life that at one time covered most of the equatorial countries of Africa. Now, though greatly ... Read More »