How Bright is a Candela?

Answer The candela, or luminous intensity, corresponds to the amount of light produced by a standard light source. The intensity of the standard candela is just about identical to the light emitted from a... Read More »

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How to Convert Candela in EV?

The nature and amount of light you are using in a photograph is easily the most important technical aspect of the image. It's not as much your camera or your lens that makes the image, but the ligh... Read More »

My computer isn't bright when I turn it on, unless I plug it in. How do i make it bright?

My acer does the same thing, you need to change the power setting its on. My laptop has three power settings, powersaver, balanced and high performance. The Balanced and High performance have the b... Read More »

Candlepower Lumen Candela Definition?

The lumen and the candela measure slightly different things. The candela is a unit of luminous intensity that measures the power emitted by a light source in a particular direction. The lumen measu... Read More »