How Big is a 32-inch Widescreen TV?

Answer A 32-inch widescreen television usually has a 31 1/2-inch screen when measured diagonally, and dimensions of 31 5/8 inches in width by 20 1/2 inches in height by 3 7/8 inches in diameter. A 32-inch... Read More »

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What is better and 19 inch (LCD) widescreen or on ordinary 19 inch Lcd?

For movies and games go with the wide screen. But I suppose you will also browse a lot the internet. Personally I don't like wide screen when it comes to displaying web pages.

19 inch widescreen monitor?

You will just have to play around with the different resolution settings to find the correct aspect ratio to make it look right. Hope this helps...

Can a widescreen DVD be played on a 19-inch TV screen?

A widescreen DVD can be played on a 19-inch TV screen. Generally 19-inch TVs are full screen, so the top, bottom and sides will all have black bars because of the aspect ratio.References:Train Vid... Read More »

How to Open an HP W1907 19-Inch Widescreen Flat Panel LCD Monitor?

The HP W1907 is a large computer monitor with a sleek LCD display. Like any electronic device, it can become damaged over time. You can open the case and try to diagnose the problem on your own. Op... Read More »