How Bar and lounges came about?

Answer You must be a legal adult to work in establishments that serve alcohol.

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You took your test about 100 and it came out positive and then about inthe moring you went to the doctor and it came out positive and you took first respones and im 19 year old?

Answer I do not fully understand this question,but it sounds like you have taken several pregnancy tests and been to a doctor and everyone says you are pregnant but you are only 19? If that is the... Read More »

I have question about a part that came with my PC case?

it's not strictly necessary, but what it is is your bios allows the motherboard to save all of your bios settings.if you lose power, knock out the cord, or move the computer (unplugging ... Read More »

Bought a Flat screen about a yr. ago....Got 2 yr. warranty....I picked it up AND the Best buy people caME to?

no warranties only include if it breaks i don't mean you trow it on the ground. Also it is really easy to put them in.

What shows were popular when TV's first came about?

I Love Lucy is perhaps the most popular television show of all time. It came out a few years after televsion became popular. Other popular tv shows were The Honeymooners, Father Knows Best, and The... Read More »