How Bad Credit Records Influence Employment?

Answer An employee background check may include access to your credit report. Employers use credit records to determine potential risks and reliability. Employers must have your written consent to access ... Read More »

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Ohio Rules How Long to Keep Employment Records?

The United States Department of Labor administers the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. Pursuant to federal law, covered employers must comply with the act's record retention requirements. In addit... Read More »

Florida's Employment Restrictions Based on Criminal Records?

According to a 2007 report by the Governor's Ex-Offender Task Force, more than 5.1 million Florida residents representing 28.7 percent of the total state population had a criminal record with the F... Read More »

How long do bad credit records that are past the statute of limitations stay on a credit report?

Negative entries on your credit report generally stay there for seven years from the date of the negative event. In the case of personal bankruptcy, the entry stays on your credit record for 10 yea... Read More »

How long do bad credit records past the statute of limitations stay on credit reports?

The statute of limitations enforced in a particular state has no effect on how long a bad or negative item remains on your credit report. For most types of negative reporting, records can only rema... Read More »