How Are the Windows XP Desktop& Start Menu Different From Those in Windows 2000?

Answer In terms of layout, there's not much difference between the Windows XP desktop and that of Windows 2000. The changes between the two Start Menus are notable, though, as are the overall desktop cosm... Read More »

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How to Copy Desktop Themes From Windows 98 to Windows 2000?

In Microsoft Windows operating systems, desktop themes consist of a number of elements that can personalize the appearance of the desktop. These elements can include background, cursor, sounds, bor... Read More »

How to Make Your Windows XP Desktop Look Like a Windows Vista Aero Desktop?

If you use the default Microsoft Windows XP graphical interface, you could use a "look and feel" overhaul. Microsoft Vista's new Aero interface is considered to be cleaner, more intuitive, and more... Read More »

How to Speed Up the Start Menu in Windows XP?

The Windows XP "Start" menu was built to encompass the most convenient options for users. Users have the ability to change or remove the built-in "Start" menu entries, as well as add their own pers... Read More »

How to Restore the Windows XP Start Menu?

From time to time, some Windows XP users have experienced a loss of desktop icons, in addition to the Task Bar, which includes the Start Menu, disappearing. This is often due to errors with Windows... Read More »