How Are Oxygen Sensors Numbered in an 1998 F-150 Pickup Truck?

Answer Ford has been producing the F-150 1/2-ton pickup since 1975, when it was introduced as a heavy-duty 1/2-ton and produced alongside the F-100 1/2-ton pickup. Ford dropped the F-100 from its lineup i... Read More »

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How many oxygen sensors are on a 1998 Camry?

Two oxygen sensors are in the exhaust system of the 1998 Toyota Camry. One sensor is threaded into the exhaust manifold on the engine side of the catalytic converter; the second sensor is in the ex... Read More »

Where are the oxygen sensors on a 1998 Cadillac DeVille V8?

The oxygen sensor on a 1998 Cadillac DeVille is located underneath the carriage of the vehicle. Crawl under your DeVille and look below the seating area. Your oxygen sensor is mounted to your exhau... Read More »

How to Change Oxygen Sensors on 1998 BMW 328I?

The oxygen sensor, or O2 sensor, on the 1998 BMW 328i is a critical part of the engine management system. Reading the percent of oxygen in the exhaust gases, the sensor converts the percentage to m... Read More »

How to Remove Oxygen Sensors on a Truck?

When an oxygen sensor (also called an O2 sensor) is malfunctioning on a truck, the engine control unit isn't getting the proper information it needs to run the engine; as a result, the car may run ... Read More »