How Are IP Addresses Allocated & Used?

Answer An IP address, or internet protocol address, is a locating tool for any electronic device associated in a computer network. This includes computers, laptops, smartphones and any other device connec... Read More »

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What do you call the @ symbol used in e-mail addresses?

How to Check to See What IP Addresses Are Used on Your Network?

An IP, or internet protocol, address is a unique number given to a device on a network. If you have a home or office network, you may wish to assign a static or unchanging IP address to a device. I... Read More »

Is it best to have personal checks with addresses or without addresses?

On One Hand: Having an address makes things easierPutting your personal information on your checks can speed things up when you're trying to use a check. Without your address you'll have to write i... Read More »

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