How Are Emeralds Mined & Processed?

Answer Emeralds are precious stones that are frequently mentioned along with rubies, sapphires and diamonds as being among the most rare and expensive jewels on earth, according to Em... Read More »

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How are emeralds mined&processed?

Emeralds are mined in many countries by excavating in open-pit mines or by tunneling along rich veins. Emeralds are cut and polished by experts who determine how to achieve maximum brilliance.Histo... Read More »

How Are Emeralds Mined?

Mining for emeralds is delicate work. These gemstones are often hidden in other, less valuable, rocks. The best emeralds are usually found close to the earth's surface, making initial exploration a... Read More »

How Are Emeralds Mined Today?

Since the age of antiquity, emeralds have been mined and cherished. They charmed Cleopatra and dazzled Spanish conquistadors in the New World. Since then, emerald mines have been discovered across ... Read More »

How Are Emeralds Processed?

Emeralds are one of the rarest and most valuable gems in the world. Throughout history, they have been worshipped by the Incas, favored as decorations by the Egyptians and used to promote healing a... Read More »