How Are Diamonds Created?

Answer Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance known. They were formed between 45 million and 2.5 billion years ago. Scientists have been able to create diamonds in the lab that are chemica... Read More »

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Are lab created diamonds considered real diamonds?

Lab created diamonds are real diamonds that are produced in a lab versus mined diamonds that occur naturally, according to the My Lab Created Diamond website. The chemical makeup, which is nearly p... Read More »

What are lab created diamonds?

Diamonds created in a laboratory are consistent with mined diamonds. They have the same composition and structure. They are grown in an eco-friendly way and conflict-free in machines that simulat... Read More »

How big can created diamonds get?

According to the Gemesis Corporation, a leading grower of created diamonds, also known as cultured diamonds, the largest diamond weight that they are able to produce is 4.25 carats.References:Gemesis

The Value of Created Diamonds?

Created diamonds, more commonly known as synthetic or artificial diamonds, are diamonds that have been produced in a lab. These diamonds are primarily used in heavy industry, though they are increa... Read More »