How Are Carbureted ATVs Impacted by Altitude?

Answer Carburetors utilize a delicate balance of fuel and air mixture to power an internal combustion engine. The distance at or above sea level that a carburetor runs affects the fuel to air mixture leve... Read More »

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How Is a Carbureted ATV Impacted by Altitude?

If you are planning to take your carbureted all-terrain vehicle (ATV) from an area near sea level to a high-altitude area, such as the mountains, you can expect to experience some issues unless the... Read More »

Fuel injection to carbureted?

It will run alright but the computer will be looking for the missing parts, it will also enter safe mode which will effect ignition timing. The bike will not be running at its peak performance

How to Adjust the Idle on a Carbureted Car?

Adjust the idle of your car if the engine runs too fast or too slowly, causing it to sputter and die.

Different Ways to Add an HHO to a Carbureted Car?

Equipping a vehicle with an HHO (oxyhydrogen) generator can prevent detonation or high heat conditions associated with a lean fuel mixture, set purposely to use less gasoline. With a carburetor the... Read More »