How Are Carbureted ATVs Impacted by Altitude?

Answer Carburetors utilize a delicate balance of fuel and air mixture to power an internal combustion engine. The distance at or above sea level that a carburetor runs affects the fuel to air mixture leve... Read More »

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How Is a Carbureted ATV Impacted by Altitude?

If you are planning to take your carbureted all-terrain vehicle (ATV) from an area near sea level to a high-altitude area, such as the mountains, you can expect to experience some issues unless the... Read More »

Different Ways to Add an HHO to a Carbureted Car?

Equipping a vehicle with an HHO (oxyhydrogen) generator can prevent detonation or high heat conditions associated with a lean fuel mixture, set purposely to use less gasoline. With a carburetor the... Read More »

How to Supercharge a Carbureted Engine?

Anybody with a modicum of mechanical aptitude can bolt an old-school "roots" type supercharger onto an engine, slap a carburetor on top and call it a day. Roots blowers look cool sticking through t... Read More »

How to Adjust the Idle on a Carbureted Car?

Adjust the idle of your car if the engine runs too fast or too slowly, causing it to sputter and die.