How Are Car Keys Programmed?

Answer Programing a car key isn't something that just anyone can do. That's why replacement car keys can be expensive. When you buy replacements keys from the dealership, you are not just paying for the c... Read More »

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Will the insurance company pay for a vehicle that is stolen while the keys are in it or running with the keys in it?

%REPLIES% Answer I've heard of some carriers attempting to include language in their policies for this sort of thing, where coverage is excluded if the vehicle is left running and/or the keys are l... Read More »

Are PCs programmed to go slow after a few years?

No, you're supposed to do regular housekeeping to keep them in good running order. You wouldn't expect a car to run well without a regular service?Update and run all you anti malware programs once ... Read More »

Finding foreign keys, primary keys etc..?

This site should help:…

How to make keyboard keys equal different keys?

It's called re-mapping the keyboard. Software is available for that. Google it.