How Are Beads Made?

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What are beads made of?

Beads can literally be made out of anything. Popular materials used to make beads include seeds, glass and paper. The materials can vary greatly depending on what you want to use the beads for.Refe... Read More »

What are jet beads made of?

Jet beads are made from fossilized Araucaria trees. The jet formed millions of years ago during the Jurassic period through extreme pressure placed upon the wood of these trees. Whitby, North Yorks... Read More »

How Are Glass Beads Made?

Early man began making glass beads as adornments. Although tools used to make glass beads have grown safer and more sophisticated, the techniques used to make glass beads changed little. Visit muse... Read More »

What are prill beads made of?

Prill beads are made of magnesium oxide that was removed from brine-rich deposits of magnesium below the earth. The magnesium is fired at high temperatures until forming into small, ceramic-like be... Read More »