How Alarm Remotes Work?

Answer The 1997 Ford Taurus oxygen sensor threads into the exhaust system just below the catalytic converter. When your car's "Check Engine" indicator is on and your gas mileage has substantially decrease... Read More »

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How to Repair Car Alarm Remotes?

Car alarms are common accessories on vehicles around the world, and often take advantage of keyless remote capabilities. These systems have a transmitter installed into your car, and you can then s... Read More »

Question about remotes what will work for my tv?

Some universal remotes will, and others won't, control Insignia products.Look at the packages of inexpensive universal remotesto see if you can find one with that brand listed.If you can't find one... Read More »

How to Set Cable Remotes to Work With TV?

Most of the remote controls that come with cable TV service are universal remote controls. This means that in addition to controlling your cable box, you can also program your cable TV remote to co... Read More »

Does all universal remotes work on any tv?

They work on most of them. Some of the functions may not work. If you have a very old TV or an unusual model, you may have a problem .