How Add Mixed Fractions?

Answer A mixed fraction, or mixed number, contains a whole number and a fraction. The fraction portions of mixed fractions must be like fractions to be added. Like fractions have the same denominator, and... Read More »

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How to Divide Mixed Fractions?

Mixed fractions are numbers made up of a whole number and a fraction together. In order to divide them, they must be converted into a different format.

How to Use Simplifying for Mixed Fractions?

Mixed fractions (also known as mixed numbers) tend to throw a curve at students who are still struggling to master proper fractions. A mixed fraction is a number consisting of a whole number and a ... Read More »

How to Change Mixed Numbers to Fractions?

Fractions represent parts of a whole. Mathematicians use fractions to express parts of numbers, but nearly everyone uses fractions each day. Typically, a fraction is expressed with a denominator an... Read More »

How to Rename Mixed Numbers as Fractions?

When you work with fractions and mixed numbers, sometimes you need to convert the figures so that you can add, subtract, multiply or divide the figures properly. An improper fraction is a fraction ... Read More »