How Add Mixed Fractions?

Answer A mixed fraction, or mixed number, contains a whole number and a fraction. The fraction portions of mixed fractions must be like fractions to be added. Like fractions have the same denominator, and... Read More »

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How to Add Mixed Numbers With Like Fractions?

Math is a great subject to learn and you will need it when you get a job someday.We will be using 4 2/3 and 3 1/3.

How to Use Simplifying for Mixed Fractions?

Mixed fractions (also known as mixed numbers) tend to throw a curve at students who are still struggling to master proper fractions. A mixed fraction is a number consisting of a whole number and a ... Read More »

How to Divide Mixed Fractions?

Mixed fractions are numbers made up of a whole number and a fraction together. In order to divide them, they must be converted into a different format.

How to Multiply & Divide Mixed Fractions?

A mixed number contains both a whole number and a fraction. Using basic multiplication and division skills, you can multiply and divide mixed numbers, enabling you to work accurately with both prop... Read More »