How 2 print tis out put in c++ by usin nested loop and for?

Answer I find that this code does not have a fixed algorithem :So we have to code individual Part of this Programe :So i made your programe here:…Ran successfull... Read More »

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If you were a Jumbo Jet pilot on your last day at work, would you do a loop the loop for a laugh?

hahahahahaha That just made me laugh proper have a star!!!And yes id probably consider it then think of the prison sentence i'd get!!!

How to Do a "Loop the Loop" Trick with a Power Kite?

Here's how to impress people with your power kiting skills.

Do u fink usin text speak on ere is gr8............?

It makes me want to find the person and force them to eat a dictionary.....I dont knwo why i find it so annoying but its REALLY grates on my nerves! A misspellling here and there is understandable,... Read More »

A Tutorial on SQL Nested Queries?

The nested SQL query is a form of the SELECT query that is inside another SQL query. The nested SQL query is also called a subquery. The outside SQL statement is called the parent statement and th... Read More »