How 2 delete the songs from a CD n make CD empty?

Answer Go to ITunes and then at the bottom of the screen click on songs and then scroll down to the song u want to delete and slide or swipe ur finger across the song and a red delete button click delete ... Read More »

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My daughter gave me her ipod, how do i delete all her songs and pretty much make it mine now?

When you connect the iPod to your computer, it should open an iPod device screen showing how much space has been used up and basic iPod information. On that screen should be a button that reads, "R... Read More »

If all your songs got deleted off your computer,when you plug in you ipod, will it delete the songs on it too?

Actually it depends on your itunes settings. If you have set the option to automatically sync your ipod with your library, then yes, it would delete everything upon sync.However if you have it set ... Read More »

Can you delete songs from iTunes Library without it removing the songs from the iPod?

You canThis is something apple doesnt stress enough and I dont understand why not since more people would rather use the manual mode than the sync.When your ipod is connected to itunes in that main... Read More »

How to Delete a Non-Empty FTP Directory?

FTP or File Transfer Protocol is a method for transferring files over a network. The files are stored on an FTP server, which use directories to store files in an organized manner. The FTP "delet... Read More »