Houseplant Pests: Spider Mites?

Answer Spider mites will easily kill a houseplant once heavy infestation has begun. Many plant owners must discard their houseplants if the infestation goes untreated. Once spider mites cover one plant, o... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of Spider Mites on Ivy?

Spider mites are microscopic insects that are the plant's equivalent to a dog's blood-sucking fleas. These pests strike in the warm, dry months of summer to suck the juice from plants. They reprodu... Read More »

The Best Way to Get Rid of Spider Mites?

Spider mites are garden pests that inflict damage to plants by sucking out their juices. You can know if your plants or garden are infected by spider mites by looking for small brown or yellow dots... Read More »

Does anyone know how to get rid of spider mites?

Spider Mites thrive in a dry atmosphere, so "retaining humidity and moisture is a good way to get rid of spider mites." (1) The accumulation of dust on plants also encourages spider mites, so washi... Read More »

What Do Spider Mites Look Like?

To the naked eye, spider mites appear as little white dots under a leaf or on a stem. Adult spider mites have two red eyes, hairy bodies and eight legs. In the winter, the adult females can turn re... Read More »