Houseplant Bugs & Spiders?

Answer Placing houseplants outdoors during the warm summer months can introduce them to bug pests and predatory insects. Houseplants can also become infested with pests from newly purchased infected plant... Read More »

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How can I keep spiders and other bugs off of my bed?

Use Raid Max. Raid Max will kill all bugs and keep them from returning over 6 months. Get Raid Max-it comes in a silver and blue can and has a thin yellow stick you can use to spray around the peri... Read More »

Do spiders eat dead bugs?

Well yes he eat dead insects because when a insect get stuck in a spider web the spider is going to wrap it and then the insect is dead and when the spider is hungry hes going to eat it.

Bugs & Spiders in Arizona?

Arizona is home to a diverse population of insects and spiders. Nearly 11,000 identified insects have made the state their home. Many insects and spiders provide Arizona with a balanced ecological ... Read More »

Shrubs That Repel Spiders and Bugs?

Use of toxic pesticides can be avoided by choosing insect- and disease-resistant shrub cultivars, according to Virginia Tech Cooperative Extension. Gardeners can choose native shrubs for their abil... Read More »