House the fetus during pregnancy?

Answer Uterus!

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What does the fetus look like at 19 weeks of pregnancy?

He looks like a perfectly proportional baby, just really skinny and small

Can the use of steroids during pregnancy affect the fetus?

Answer Im not a professional in anyway, but I have the same concern. My doctor told me that he has had patients that have taken steriods while pregnant, but he would prefer you DONT. He said it i... Read More »

How does the mother smoking during pregnancy affect on the fetus?

Very dangerous! Deadly! I'm not trying to scare you but check with your doctor smoking while pregnant can cause death and ADHD Additional Answer: First of all yes it can be dangerous to smoke durin... Read More »

35 weeks of Pregnancy and water in the fetus dropped down.?

Mucus is the snot that comes out from your nose , it is mixed by 2 different colored bacteria , yellow and blue ( which make green!).