House Plants for Artificial Light?

Answer A house plant is a wonderful addition to any indoor space. Even if your home doesn't get much natural light, or you'd like to dress up your dreary windowless office, you can have a house plant that... Read More »

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Do plants grow better in real light or artificial light?

On One Hand: Real (Natural) Light is BetterIt provides the necessary energy for normal growth. Plants need the natural balance of red and blue light rays as an energy source, says David Trinklein a... Read More »

How do I get artificial light for plants?

Lighting RequirementsResearch your plant to find how much light it requires and place the plants in areas that will fulfill those needs. Plant in sunny windows, if you can.Providing Artificial Ligh... Read More »

Do plants grow better under artificial light?

Some plants grow better under full-spectrum artificial light because they can have longer periods of light than are available in nature—tropical plants grown in a northern area, for example. Ulti... Read More »

Can plants live with artificial light?

Plants can live and grow with artificial lights. Special grow bulbs are available that provide the total spectrum of light plants need for good growth and blooming. If you are not growing blooming ... Read More »