House Plants That Need Little Sunlight?

Answer All plants need light to perform photosynthesis so they can grow. But while some need lots of sunlight to thrive, others have very low light requirements. To grow plants indoors, select those with ... Read More »

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Do Bamboo Plants Need Sunlight?

True bamboo needs sun. Whether it is direct sun, partial sun, partial shade or indirect sun, all true bamboo needs sunlight. Lucky bamboo, a water lily that looks very much like bamboo, can survive... Read More »

Do all plants need sunlight to grow?

YES. because if a flower does not have the vitams it needs from the sun it will not grow properly and will die without its protein:)

Do all plants need sunlight to live?

When the biological world was divided into just plant and animal kingdoms, fungi, which do not require sunlight for their existence, were considered part of the plant kingdom. However, scientific t... Read More »

What plants don't need direct sunlight?

Purple Swedish Ivy makes a great hanging plant. The underside of the leaf is purplish in color and when you brush up against the plant it give off a very neat fragrance.Spider plants also are anot... Read More »