House Plants That Look Like Small Trees or With Stalk Bottoms?

Answer Keeping a few house plants around your home or office adds a nice touch of the outdoors, and provides green foliage to admire even in the middle of winter. There are a variety of house plants that ... Read More »

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Why do nurserys paint the bottoms of baby trees white?

MASTER GARDENER TO THE RESCUEFor the same reason you put sunscreen on when going to the beach after a long winter indoors. This practice was referred to as 'whitewashing'.It is done to prevent wi... Read More »

Is there a safety issue of black bottoms making it difficult to see small children in the pool?

All pools have a few safety issues that should be considered by any pool owner:First, and most important, is the ability to see the bottom when emtering the water. Many people "dive" into a pool fr... Read More »

Do banana pepper plants have a purple stalk?

Banana peppers grow on a green, woody stem. The peppers have a banana shape and develop a greenish-yellow color similar to an unripe banana. The pepper ripens to an orange, red or yellow. The plant... Read More »

Can guinea pigs eat house plants and what house plants can they eat?

You have to be very careful feeding plants to guinea pigs as many are poisonous. Here is a short list of what is safe to feed them: Dandelion leaves,grasscolt's footmeadow horsetailchickweedyarrow... Read More »