Hotspot shield says I have 220 mbps but says I only have 1?

Answer Using a proxy will not speed up your internet connection, actually it reduces it and ill explain why. When you try to access a website, say Google, naturally your browser will ask the Authoritative... Read More »

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I have a 1GB Ipod nano, or so it says in the box , but when I check in about it says that it has 892 MB?

Yes - like any harddrive it reserves a small proportion for its file system (e.g. FAT32).If you look at your PC harddrive - it may be (for example) 20GB, but useable space will be somewhere around ... Read More »

Windows says my virtual memory is low. friend says i prob have too many processes running. what can i do?

If you want to know what processes do what when you click on the task manager, check this website…

How do I get my 40 inch samsung tv to run 120 hz The menu says the auto motion plus is on but when I start up my xbox and directv it says it is only running at 60 hz?

I have all the symptoms of diabetes but my dr. says i have pre-diabetes and the only thing i can do?

Bacon isn't a vice. In fact, I'd call it a diabetic super food. Bacon is high in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbohydrates. I eat bacon practically every day. Often I'll spread full-fat cr... Read More »