Hotels at Disneyworld's Main Gate?

Answer Disney Main Gate is an unofficially designated region of western Orlando, Florida, that consists of the area roughly within a square mile of the main entrance to the Walt Disney World theme park an... Read More »

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How to Play "Baldur's Gate 2" With 2 Main Characters?

"Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn" is a computer-based role-playing game. Typically, players control a single character and take him on a quest to resolve the conflict between Baldur's Gate and the ... Read More »

Where would you find the sheep gate the fish gate and the tower of ovens?

You are constructing a chain link fence you have a 4 feet gate how far apart do you place the posts for the gate?

AnswerIt is not an exact science. When I built mine I measured from where the post would be sitting on the hinge side to where I needed the post to sit so that the gate closer would hit it right. T... Read More »

Whats wrong with my simple program! (exception in thread main at greeting 1.main)?

The whole point of this program is to pass the parameters to it at run time. So how are you running the program?If you are running the program from the command line then you should typejava Greeti... Read More »