Hotel and restaurant what are the difference?

Answer Really a hotel offers dining and a room a restaurant only offers dining and a bathroom

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What is the difference between Hotel and Restaurant?

*Asper yr additional details, maybe the hotel that gives out food only, has its staff ''staying'' over !!!! na ?O/wise ....... hotel has lodging & boarding while a restaurant has no lodging !!!!!

What is the difference between a hotel and a condominium hotel?

Most commonly, a hotel is owned by a corporate owner who then rents rooms in the property. A condominium hotel could be run like a hotel, but with units -- rooms -- owned by individual owners.

Alexandra hotel & restaurant?

FakeThere is NO hotel in the world that would ever hire someone that they or their licensed recruitment agency has never met IN PERSON. If you have not had a single face to face interview, then of ... Read More »

Hotel & Restaurant Management Careers?

Hotel management careers require enthusiasm for the hospitality industry, a knowledge of the business and a customer service mind-set. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) 2010-11... Read More »