Hot doy you get a cheap iPHONE?

Answer go on eBay and look there

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Can you switch ATT cell phones that are under the same plan because you want an iphone but you are not eligable for the cheap upgrade but one of your family members are and they dont want iphone?

Yes, I have done this several times. Basically the way it works is; if any of your phones are eligible for upgrade, they will sell you a new phone with 2-year plan at their current, new phone plan ... Read More »

Why is the iphone 4 cheap on 3?

Probably so that they'll sell more than other shops that sell it and make more money :)

How to buy cheap Iphone 4 if im not US citizen?

Ebay, try get a seller refurbished one or a used one that is in great condition

Where can you get a cheap iPhone 4S?

$199.99 plus tax, title, license fee and insurance haha