Hot Oil Treatment Home Remedy for Dry Hair?

Answer According to the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, dry hair can be the result of a number of different factors, including over-washing, daily heat application, dry climate and non-use of conditione... Read More »

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Home Remedy to Fix a Hair Dye Gone Bad?

Coloring your hair is a dramatic way to update your appearance. Typically, people decide to change their hair color because they’re ready for a big change. Sometimes, though, that change isn’t ... Read More »

Hair Clarifying Home Remedy?

Clarifying: a big word for a simple concept. Throughout your day-to-day routine, your hair encounters products, dirt and natural oils that build up on the hair shaft. A clarifying treatment strips ... Read More »

Home Remedy Hair Detangler?

If you have an active lifestyle, or if you have curly or dry hair, it is likely you constantly struggle with keeping your hair tangle free. You can buy professional detangling sprays, but those can... Read More »

Home Remedy for Static Hair?

Almost everyone has those days where no matter what you do, your hair wants to lift and frizz in every direction. It doesn't matter how much product, water or lacquer you put on it, it still seems ... Read More »