Hot Dogs Or Veggie Dogs Hamburgers Or Veggie Burgers?

Answer Hot dogs are Yankee stadium or Red Sox stadium. Have a good time. I meant to look up the date of the Fri. game and forgot of the Series. I'll do it later. Goodnight yourself Scooter.

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Hot Dogs Veggie Dogs Or Corn Dogs Which from this list do you like better?

hot dogs are the best. make mine with mustard, ketchup, and sweet pickle relish, boiled and on a soft bun. i can eat 4 of those before i start to slow down. yummy.

Vegetarians, how do you become vegetarian when hot dogs taste so delicious in 08 I planned to go veggie too?

I agree. What man can resist a high fat emulsified offal tube in a bun?Not to mention steam recovered eye balls and testicles in amusing bread crumbed animal shapes?You veggies don't know you're a... Read More »

Why do non-vegetarians always eat veggie burgers at a bbq?

Because they think its healthier or they want to try it out.

What is the best brand of packaged veggie burgers?

I can't stand Boca! So nasty! Morning Star doesn't taste terrible, but the ONLY time I will eat them is when I go to Red Robbin with my family/friends and the only other option is Boca or only fr... Read More »