Hostess Cup Cakes, Ho Hos or Ding Dongs?

Answer Ding Dongs! I haven't had one in years but when I was a kid that's all there was. Each little ding Dong was individually wrapped in tin foil. They were so good and so moist. I don't think they ar... Read More »

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Where did the quote ding ding ding what do you have for him johnny come from?

Twinkies Cup Cakes Or Fruit Pies Which Hostess Pastry is your favorite ?

Would the gay community be receptive to eating at a hot dog shoppe called Hot Dongs?

I think it's very funny! A few friends of mine would go JUST because of the name! It definitely belongs in the Castro. I see nothing wrong with it, if you don't have a sense of humor, you're just b... Read More »

How to Make Queen Cakes or Fairy Cakes?

Ever wanted to know how to make lovely buns that are BETTER than shop-bought ones? Follow this easy recipe to find out how! (Makes 12) For those in the USA, a fairy cake is the same thing as a cupc... Read More »