Hospital negligence?

Answer You definately have my condolences.I don't exactly entend to leave an exact answer as there are 4 good ones already listed. However I might add this. The fact so many hospitals are short staffed is... Read More »

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Is there any hospital called Lake Lagos Teaching Hospital in Africa?

How old is your baby? My firstborn used to spit up a lot - he would projectile his formula half way across the room! I recommend you mention this to your pediatrician. They will say that a teaspoon... Read More »

If you are in labor and live 45 minutes away from the hospital when should you leave to go to the hospital?

Answer You should go to the doctor in compliance with the order of your Obstetrician. Usually, women go to the Doctor when their contractions are regular and predictable. You also have to factor... Read More »

How to Sue for Negligence in Colorado?

You can sue a person or business for loss, damage and personal injury because of negligence in Colorado. Negligence, in basic terms, is the failure of a person or business to act properly or reason... Read More »

Is cook county hospital a free hospital IL.. Pls Answer?