Hospital negligence?

Answer You definately have my condolences.I don't exactly entend to leave an exact answer as there are 4 good ones already listed. However I might add this. The fact so many hospitals are short staffed is... Read More »

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Is there any hospital called Lake Lagos Teaching Hospital in Africa?

How old is your baby? My firstborn used to spit up a lot - he would projectile his formula half way across the room! I recommend you mention this to your pediatrician. They will say that a teaspoon... Read More »

What is nursing negligence?

The term "nursing negligence," is based on a general understanding of "negligence." Janet Beckmann, the author of "Nursing Negligence," defines it as "when a person is harmed because another person... Read More »

Can I sue for negligence after six years?

In most cases, you cannot sue for negligence after six years. State law governs the statute of limitations, or the time limit to file a lawsuit. That limit varies by state and type of negligence. I... Read More »

How to Sue for Negligence in Colorado?

You can sue a person or business for loss, damage and personal injury because of negligence in Colorado. Negligence, in basic terms, is the failure of a person or business to act properly or reason... Read More »