Horrible second degree burn! please help my little brother!?

Answer Third-degree burns occur when most of the epidermis is lost with damage to underlying ligaments, tendons and muscle. Burn victims will exhibit charring of the skin, and sometimes hard eschars will ... Read More »

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How can i get rid off my horrible sun burn?

Get a burn gel with aloe and lidocaine. The aloe will aid the healing. The lidocaine will ease the pain.

Horrible sun burn, help?

You could try pouring white vinegar over them in the bath. If you don't want to have to endure the smell, try rubbing hair conditioner on the sunburned areas. It doestn't work as well, but it sme... Read More »

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How to get small carpet pieces out of a horrible rug burn?

I am unsure of any remedies to help the skin heal but I know that it will eventually grow out. Your skin has an amazing ability to get rid of junk so long as you can keep it clean! Rinse it well ev... Read More »