Horrible pain/tingling in both legs ?

Answer Something is definitely wrong; could be blood clots, oncoming heart attack,stroke, bone cancer, tumors... anything. ER is too expensive; get to a doctor for treatment immediately.

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Is the sciatic nerve in both legs?

The sciatic nerve is the main nerve in both legs. It starts in the spine and reaches down to the toes. An injury in the lower back can compress the nerve and cause discomfort, including tingling, n... Read More »

How to Do a Complete Split( With Both Legs )?

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Help with Pulled Muscle on BOTH legs?

I'm having the same problem! Let me share :)About 3 months ago I was doing a tilt and I knew it was hurt right away, but it wasn't like insane pain that some people describe when they pull a muscle... Read More »

I have a pick sar on both my legs. Will it go away?

Sorry you got hurt Miricar. It will take time for these scrapes to heal. The best thing you can do is stay out of the sun until they are completely healed. The pink skin is still very new, and s... Read More »