Horrible knee problem!?

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Horrible pain in my right knee?

I hope by now you have seen a doctor. I was walking across my back yard and my knee just 'gave.' It hurt. I couldn't move it easily. It gave out on me. Nothing stopped the pain. I had to borrow... Read More »

Im having a problem with my knee help !?

You may have damaged your joint by turning wrong, or you might have bursitis if you play alot of sports. The only way to correctly diagnose your knee problem is to see a physician. Continuing to u... Read More »

Whats a problem with your knee that will never go away?

Chondromalacia. I have it and it is painful. Here is a website.

Knee problem from football?

Hi cain,I'm sorry to hear about your knee! Knee injuries can be serious and there's a lot in the knee that can be hurt and cause pain ranging from a sprain to a tear. Hmm, based off of reading your... Read More »