Horrible episode need medical help?

Answer I'm assuming that you have seen a doctor about these "funny turns" as you have had blood tests done. I think you may need need to have other tests done ,so go back and see your doctor again and exp... Read More »

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Need help! Exam tomorrow and i think im dying or i have some horrible disease!?

Could this be anxiety? Make up a song with the information you need to remember. that's how I always memorized.

I need some medical help anyone T^T~?

It is rare in women so young. But it's still good of you to check and notice that there was something different. It depends on the size and texture of the lump. I forget the details, but Cosmo m... Read More »

What episode in horrible histories is about Henry VIII?

HELP MEDICAL EMERGENCY In need of assistance immediately!?

don't worry about it. I'm on my period so I'll just lend you a tampon and we can have a parachute party